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Commercial Roofing Newcastle

Based in Newcastle, John Dobbs are specialist commercial roofing contractors with almost 28 years of experience in the trade. If you are looking for commercial roofing contractors in Newcastle or across the UK we are confident that the services our dedicated team can provide will meet all your requirements.

With many completed projects across the UK we have built a strong reputation for our work on the back of a proven record of success. Our professional and skilled workforce can take care of all your roofing and cladding installation, whether a new build, repairs or refurbishment.

As a specialist contractor of industrial roofing and cladding services we can provide a diverse range of solutions for your business. From commercial roofing, wall cladding, flat roofing, roof maintenance and repairs through to installation of a green or living roof, our expertise allows us to tailor our services to match your requirements.

Coupled with our experience in design and consultancy you will benefit from expert planning and project oversight in delivering the commercial roofing solution for your business to the highest standards. An established company with 28 years experience, John Dobbs Roofing can provide everything you would hope for in your roofing contractors Newcastle.

We are approved installers for some of the largest manufacturers and feel confident our roof design and advice service will be second to none. John Dobbs are committed to a strong health and safety approach and all our tradesmen are CITB registered. Regardless of the size of job we will deliver a tailored solution for you and your business based on the wealth of experience we have accumulated from years of roofing and cladding installation.

If you are looking for industrial roofing contractors in the Newcastle area for your industrial units please do not hesitate to contact our professional and friendly team for free advice and quote today.


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Commercial Roofing Contractors Newcastle


As commercial roofing contractors in Newcastle we can provide a whole range of roofing and cladding services tailored to your requirements. You can be assured that the work will be carried out by our dedicated and highly professional team to the highest quality standard, matched by the design and advice we will offer before and during the project. The range of services we can offer include:

  • Industrial roofing - a comprehensive range of roofing services including single skin and twin skin roofing, single ply membranes, insulated panels and green roof. Different buildings benefit from different roofing and insulation solutions with the ultimate aim always to best protect the building and the valuable contents within. Our expert advice can help guide you towards the best solution for your buildings, installed by our professional, qualified tradesmen.
  • Flat PVC Roofing - As experienced roofing contractors we appreciate the importance to your business of protecting your building from all the elements which the Great British weather can throw at it through the year. We can help advise and design on a flat or pitch roof for your industrial buildings, before delivering the solution that works best for you. A flat roof is generally a less costly option and often has a slight degree pitch to allow water to flow off, while the pitch roof solution can provide for more usable space to be designed in to the building lay-out.
  • Green Roof - A green or living roof offers an eco-friendly roofing solution with a number of environmental benefits as well as being aesthetically pleasing. A green roof installation provides extra habitat to aid the local ecology with plants, insects and birds all benefiting. At a time when some species are struggling as their natural habitat comes under increasing pressure a living roof is an ideal solution to help provide more green space. A living roof encourages the growth of indigenous plants local to your area. They also help improve air quality as well as help with storm water flow by reducing the flow of rain water. They also release water back in to the atmosphere through a process called evapotranspiration.
  • Industrial Cladding - Good quality industrial wall cladding is just as important in protecting the longevity of your company buildings and warehouses. Your buildings are major investments and the protection of them and their contents will be a priority. Industrial cladding can look aesthetically pleasing but just as importantly they can increase the lifespan of a building and also tend to be easier to clean and maintain compared to the underlying building materials. We can advise on the best solution for you and we can provide single skin and twin skin cladding, insulated panels and Rainscreen depending on the best interests of your particular unit.
  • Rainscreen Cladding - An efficient method in building protection using a weather resistant skin with a ventilation cavity. An inner layer then provides insulation while also providing a seal against moisture. The increased insulation means reduced heating, a bonus financially as well as environmentally. Such environmental considerations are becoming increasingly relevant to the construction industry and rainscreen cladding can help sustainability by offering a versatile solution which protects underlying materials. We can provide this attractive cladding solution for your buildings, a solution which is becoming increasingly popular. 
  • Design, consultancy and roofing surveys - John Dobbs Roofing can offer a wealth of experience as commercial roofing contractors in Newcastle. When choosing us to provide your roofing and cladding systems you can be sure of receiving first class design and consultancy advice throughout the project. We will carry out an on-site survey as part of out tailored service, with free roof designs offered on any work we eventually undertake. We are also happy to provide free estimates and advice on matters concerning the cost and choice of materials involved as we work to find a roofing and cladding solution that is tailored for your specific requirements.
  • Roof Maintenance & Roof Repair - As well as new build roofing and wall cladding we can help your business with all its roofing maintenance and repair needs. Maintenance of your roof by professional, qualified industrial contractors is the first step to preserving the integrity of the roof and the protection it provides your industrial units. We can provide general maintenance for roofs and wall cladding covering all minor repair works, cleaning and painting. If your roof has become damaged we can offer comprehensive roof repairs Newcastle to help protect your building contents. At John Dobbs Roofing we can also help refurbish commercial buildings and cladding, bringing it up to date and improving the insulation levels it provides with the benefit that brings to your heating bills and carbon footprint. This we can do by stripping and replacing or using an over skin method.
Commercial Roofing Contractors Newcastle

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At John Dobbs Roofing we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we provide. From the first point of contact our friendly, knowledgeable team will be able to help and advise you through the process, giving you peace of mind in the decisions you make.

Regardless of the type of roofing or cladding solution you require and whether it is a new build, repair or refurbishment, we believe we can provide the best quality service. We are happy to answer your questions as we fully appreciate the importance such decisions are to your business and how vital they are to get right.

The durability of a building's roof and cladding is essential in the protection of the building and its contents. Our wealth of experience is here to be picked on and remains available through-out the project. We are industrial roof services contractors based in Newcastle delivering quality roofing and cladding solutions around Newcastle, the surrounding area and throughout the UK.

Whatever the size of the job we will be pleased to assist and endeavour to work with you to deliver a tailored solution for your business. If you have any requirements for roofing contractors Newcastle please do not hesitate to contact us today.